Acoustic Kits

Our standard bolt-on kits

We worked with Mitsubishi Electric in their anechoic chamber to design and produce a standard acoustic kit that is not only less space consuming than a full enclosure but can also be installed by any on-site contractors.

Kits fitted to Mitsubishi Units Kits fitted to Mitsubishi Units

These kits are available for all ranges of upright Mitsubishi VRF units; including the YJM, YLM/YKB and the current YNW series.

We can also manufacture kits for the larger CAHV Ecodan units as pictured below.

Kits fitted to CAHV units Kits fitted to CAHV units

The level of noise reduction achieved by using one of these kits is around 8dBA. The spectral figures we use for calculation purposes are as follows:

63-8kHz — 3-4-6-7-10-10-8-7

All our kits are polyester powder-coated to an exact match of the Mitsubishi units themselves to try and keep the installation as subtle as possible. However, they can be painted any stock RAL colour for no extra cost.

If you require further technical information please view our document download section here, or contact us here.

How it works

Step 1

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Step 2

Once the enquiry is received we will return to you with a set price for supply, delivery and if required-installation.

Step 3
Product Order

When you are ready to place the order, all you have to do is send us a PO and we will begin the manufacturing process!

Step 4

A few days before the manufacture is complete, we will notify you to confirm and arrange the delivery date.